Internationally connected in every sense. We remain motivated through our promotion of true blue reliability.  Our desire for positive  communication and focus.


The power of Love! This is what matters!

Step into the blue and  the turquoise, to embrace the warmth and satisfy the curiosity of your imagination. If there’s one trait that’s distinctly Barbadian it’s believing in a bright destiny out there and the quest for positive fulfillment in life.  From Hastings rocks to the Geneva highs.    Put down the quarrel and ride the vibe.  Why not help one another on the way, and make it much easier. 

The unwanted visitors of the gelatinous kind are making their way all over the islands spooking some swimmers who have come across the potentially lethal Portuguese man-of-war. They are mostly transparent, but have accent colours of bright pinks, blues and purples, with tentacles that can reach nine metres in length. It’s kind of like a little purple iceberg; you see this little float on top that is maybe the size of your hand, but what brings the pain lurks under.  Jasmin was with her family at the beach when one of them found its way on to her arm. “It was beautiful — it literally looked like when you blow a bubble.” It’s a bubble she’ll never forget.   To the best of your journeys, stay safe.        

Es gibt vieles, was man im Barbados tun kann. Wichtig ist aber nicht nur, was man tut, sondern auch wo man es tut.  Feiern und geniessen, auf dem Sonne blaue Insel. Einzigartige und immer schön und sicher,  Barbados.