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The Financialist---Credit Suisse

The Swiss franc, like gold and U.S Treasuries, is an asset investors turn to when they need a safe place to hunker down. But what about Swiss equities?..................  While a sharp increase in the value of the Swiss franc proved a liability for the country’s equities at the beginning of the year, Credit Suisse’s PBWM division doesn’t see any similar shocks in the near future. The last one, of course, came on January 15, the day the Swiss National Bank shocked markets by removing the country’s peg to the regional currency, and the franc soared against the    Exec doc:



Along the way  it’s the people you meet that makes it the most memorable.  This travelling has given me a very unique perspective on how I write and how I approach people. There is sensitivity in every culture.     '' If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart." ‒ Nelson Mandela.   Swiss-German. 

FOOD CRISIS.  Ty Ajani—Published in BT Jan-29..2015.

In the 21st century our ability to feed ourselves would be tested as never before. As population explosion is turning food demand into a crisis, already food prices have soured and across three continents the hunger has turned to riots. We’re not immune to the food crisis in B’dos with the average food bill that went up by more than 8 per cent in the last ten years or so. Around the world governments and their people are looking for ways to produce more food.---Why are we singing to the tune of importing more ? ....In a new scramble for land some rich countries are buying vast tracks of Africa to grow food for their own people. If all countries are going to survive until 2050 without having mass starvation it is estimated that new technology must be found. What can we do to save ourselves from being hungry?  By the middle of the century the world’s population would have reached a staggering nine billion. To feed those extra mouths is going to take resolute commitment. One way or another we’ll have to double food production. The only solution is for us to grow. To grow food in our own back gardens and utilize every inch of space available. Here in progressive Switzerland —a place where we’ve recently burrowed in the area of two to three hundred million dollars—they are people who  await years to get their chance to receive government allotted plots to grow their own organic vegetables in the summer. This is the same Switzerland which has the strongest banking monopoly in the world. Which exports over eighty tons of cheese annually. A world leader in precision tools and watches. A world leader in the production of pharmaceuticals and still they create the time to produce their own open air organic vegetables. In sunny Barbados where vegetables can be grown year round we have this import dependency. The city of Havana is supplying almost half the people of Cuba with fruit and veg. That’s one city providing food for roughly six million. Cuba has got lessons for us and many the world over. When the Soviet Union collapsed Cuba had to grow its own food and it had to use every tiny bit of space. Urban farms in Cuba produce more than four million tons of vegetables every year and the country is now ninety percent self-sufficient in fruit and veg. Not long ago where people used to park their cars they’re now growing a range of vegetables. There’s a principle that we can take some responsibility for our own food needs. During the second world war most countries had to plant their way out of hunger.     We can’t grow all of the things that we currently eat so we must rely on trade but we must wholeheartedly encourage a people’s farming initiative. The big picture is that if we want to be self-sufficient we would either have to grow two thirds more or eat about forty per cent less. Either way it means a big change in lifestyle—a big change in our habits. If we don’t like the sound of that then we got little choice but to depend on people outside our country to feed us.... How much longer can B’dos exist like that? We’ve taken things for granted for too long and now we need to wake up. Many of us has gotten use to what we want, when we want it but that will have to change. Even in Europe the food security is under threat. It seems to me there isn’t going to be one big solution, no magic seed or miracle crop not even a single technological lead. Perhaps the best we can hope for is to understand food is a precious resource which we must no longer take for granted.... 

Ty Ajani author of Deeper Soul.


   'We’ve always believed that we were part of a great exodus of humanity involved in the search of harmony;  and that belief has always strengthened us in our purpose and confidence.  And so I decided to activate and write and  draw attention primarily to what the third world Caribbean citizen is going through from the grassroot level. ---------------- 'Wir haben immer geglaubt, dass wir Teil eines großen Exodus der Menschheit sind, der auf der Suche nach Harmonie ist; und dieser Glaube hat uns immer in unserem Sinn und Vertrauen gestärkt. Und so entschloss ich mich zu aktivieren und zu schreiben und vor allem darauf aufmerksam zu machen, was der karibische Bürger der dritten Welt von der Basis aus durchmacht.'

Deep down it's the Culture which brings human beings together.  I am a culturalist first.  Deep down culture is your spirituality which brings you harmony.

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