The  ways of the streets are the revealing dance of life and sacrifice.  The twisting and turning of aims and challenges in a seemingly subdued reality.  Sooner or later every soul must come down to the turf of the street. The hustlers of this suspension may seem physically poverty stricken but the richness and compassion of our hearts and minds is much greater than any ivory tower pirate.'      Ajani.Rain...........And it's all  LovE.


Blessed is the one who is controlled by all the instincts of love. We must continue to strengthen our natural love and not be deceived by what looks shiny. Through our life when we are going through difficulties or success, when we are facing  a hard time we trust to the knowledge of the supreme almighty.  So we do not become despondent and depressed.  


'I believe what we become depends on what the most high teaches us at odd moments... there we are formed by the tides of wisdom and creation. 

Writing fiction means playing a game by which we give sense to the immensity of things that happened, are happening, or will happen in the actual world. Love and music at their essence is what gives us the memories; and in most songs there is a book. Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness… And with this candle is my will  to light every corner of the room – every horizon like the sun. 

We hope Deeper Soul would make a positive impact on the motivated reader who shares the vibrational love and understanding of the Caribbean peoples’ heritage. It was also written for the roving traveller to see the isle not only in a recreational, relaxing mirror but also as an island with genuine hospitality and a treasured stimulating culture. Within this culture exists a strong and positive appreciation which welcomes all faiths in an ethical and democratic atmosphere. Barbados has arrived at a place where its way of life and social order invites emulation, however large elements of a self-centered business sector has grown deaf to the struggling poor. If this continues it can lead us into dire straits. It can successfully meet its current and prospective economic challenges but a magnitude of expenditure is still a cause for grave concern. I am not sure how much longer the Caribbean in general can avoid remedying this issue. We would find it extremely difficult to withstand another major external economic shock. 

Life is one big road – With lots of signs. And in the book of reality – There’s no limit to the mind. Praises to the  true belief – The roots we trace.
Ring a voice with humanity – The earth our very true faith.
Uprising through our creation – One Love for One Aim.
One destiny a world nation – One blood we came. 

The craft of writing… teaches us a lot about ourselves actually because having gone through the experience, which I think necessarily is an arduous one and takes – you know, it takes awhile. It takes a lot of effort. There’s an enormous amount of satisfaction-in seeing it through and coming to the close. And it’s very personal too. So, it’s required me to think about things in ways that I hadn’t before and to think them through. I mean, Well, what do I really think about this, and what do I... you know, and.... why? So I think I know myself a lot better than I did before. Primarily ‘Deeper Soul’ promotes Caribbean culture and this exceptional hospitality. In Barbados we speak a national language called Bajan, which also applies to us as a people. The essential appeal and key message of the book in which I want people to go away with is that we should be empowered in our creation. The concepts of freedom, liberty and democracy are crucial in our societies. To inspire a hopeful future, a future in which human beings would gather together to use their minds to make peace and raise the idea of rational thinking to the status of moral principle.  Promoting compassion, as the highest human potential and preach it in the spiritual language of the fellowman.

       'We have a warrant out for your arrest.  To arrest your Vision, Sensitivity, Emotion, Conviction Compassion and purpose. Your Hope and Inspiration.  Take a few a few hours of your precious time to digest; may be a day or two.   DeepeR SouL—It's not a religious hustle, it's an insightful thriller which arises out of a Bajan Caribbean focus, uplifting the positivity of the human being.'

The great nations of the world would do well to remember that in the modern age even their own fates are not wholly in their hands. Peace demands the united efforts of us all. Unless the rights of the least of men are as assiduously protected as those of the greatest, the seeds of confidence and certitude will fall on barren soil.

    'We have a political system which is funded and therefore accountable to predatory banks and fossil fuel giants and conflict profiteers. And those are the interests it serves, those are the policies it creates. It's sort of like an amoeba that oozes its way into all aspects of the system.  Everything is commodified within the society.'  

Cost of livin' gets so high
The rich and poor they start to cry
And now the weak must get strong, they say
Oh, what a tribulation, saying
My belly full but me hungry
A hungry mob is an angry mob
A rain a-fall but the dirt it tough
A pot a-cook but the food no 'nough.

One good thing about Reggae music, is when it hits,  you feel no pain. The music is your heart beat. That's where Reggae begins. A music which commands love and Peace.  If we choose disarmament and fixing poverty, we choose to be human.


The Heroes and heroines of the 1937 riots in Barbados were  honoured in a flower laying ceremony in Golden Square, Bridgetown, as part of the Clement Payne Movement led observance of the Day of National Significance.

We remember with sadness the loss of life resulting from the unrest, those who were punished for agitating for their rights. But deep down there is a sense of triumph when we examine the gains made because groups of brave Barbadians took to the street and loudly said that ordinary Barbadians deserved better.

Barbadians always remember that the Right Excellent Clement Payne espoused a philosophy of non-violence — I believe it’s critical to reflect on his words, ‘Agitate but do not violate.'  To be successful, all radical social movements requires a spiritual dimension. Social movements cannot succeed without the transformational power of spirituality. That was the key to the Civil Rights Movement, and the key to every successful previous national movement.  We all have a right to believe in what we believe in. With our kind of choices in the Rasta community it’s not easy for everybody to stand up with you on everything and I understand that. When it comes to consciousness and realization we still have a long way to go; For it was I and I who planted the corn and built the cabin, schools, churches. History must be respected to the Deeper Root.


 Our heritage is rooted in the warm celebration of life and earthly character--- Unser Erbe wurzelt in der warmen Feier des Lebens und des irdischen Charakters.

'I know war as few other men now living know it, and nothing to me is more revolting. I have long advocated its complete abolition, as its very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a method of settling international disputes.         I am trying in all my stories to get the feeling of the actual life across - not to just depict life - or criticize it - but to actually make it alive. So that when you have read something by me, you actually experience the thing. You can't do this without putting in the bad and the ugly as well as what is beautiful.'    

 Ernest Hemingway

The motto of Rain Rastafari states our resolve in  One God! One Aim! One Destiny!  Therefore, let justice be done to all mankindWe realize that if the strong oppresses the weak, confusion and discontent will ever mark the path of man. But with love, faith and charity towards all, the reign of peace and plenty will be heralded into the world and the generations of men shall be called Blessed.     In the beginning you see the beauty in all the forms of nature. So we can never lose sight in the beauty of each other, and of the dream that we can Unite and build together in triumph. 

Continuously we believe in the sentiments proceeding from the Marcus Garvey media, which highlights a truth that promotes culture and benefits peace and equality.

         The issues of history is that it can never be impartial. There will always be two sides to every story, and as they say, the winner writes the history books. History is many things, but............exec--doc.        Ajani-Rain