What we’re not confused about is the world needing much more love, no hate, no prejudice, no bigotry and more unity, peace and understanding. Period.

Our destiny and principle  abides in the outreaching spirit of the Just Love Rastafari  ... In our house we are not to be defined by any other but... the most high. The basic mission of Ajani is one of positive inspiration. To respect and excel.  We are builders. We are bold, independent, and inquisitive. We strive to be dependable, very down-to-earth and well grounded, home and at work. We can be very persuasive in achieving goals and gaining objectives. At times we may appear stubborn and overly critical to others, but our practical approach to life and productivity makes us one of the most beneficent members of the community. Praising the most high in harmony. The love world justice. 

While traveling  the world, I've had the opportunity to learn and appreciate idiosyncrasy. The fact is, there is really no such thing as 'normal' - everyone's different, and that is the essence of their beauty...

You may not always agree with  the message of Roots music, but it reflects what millions of people today are thinking and feeling. I have a very interesting take on understanding the cultural impact of music. And it's a strong one. The vibrations of music has integrated people. 

The soul of Rain creates our sustenance and endurance. Emancipate yourself and you will be in — the castle of your skin.

Photo Gallery of Deeper Soul

1)  IN THE CASTLE OF MY SKIN.  Knowledge, Culture, Conscience & Sense. 

2) Our heritage is rooted in the warm celebration of life and earthly character. Cool Runnings. 

3) BAJAN (ABSOLUTE)  YORUBA. Ooni Ife. The truth of who we are is that we are, because we belong. We are born to be our brothers’ keeper... One love. 

4) BGI Soc. Acada... Our motto: Fair play always. From the Astro to the Savannah. Barbados Football. A rising Passion. 

5) BRIDGETOWN (BGI) Visit Barbados — an oasis of harmony and pleasant encounters. Westbury Entertainment. 

6) A vibrant hospitality. We embody the essence of down to earth living and giving. Craft, food, music, there’s a flavor for every taste. 

7) Exodus — A movement of Jah people. Our practical approach to life and productivity makes us one of the most vital members of the island culture.

8) Rhythm of  the Uhuru Ocean...Step into the light and embrace the warmth. One trait that’s distinctly Barbadian. It’s believing in a bright destiny and the quest for positive fulfillment — Life. Kadooment. 

10) The pursuit of my dreams were sowed on Mahogany walk. By the St. Matthias primary school coloring world of knowledge. 

11) Surf — Ashanti — Mandinke —Yoruba 

12) Rockley, Hastings Southside. Hometown Ablaze. Make, create & innovate.   

13) 'Soup Bowl' ripping — Activity within the soul solidifies the very essence of our existence. 

14)  Gather the roots of love across all cities — Deeper Soul. When the power of love overcomes the love of power. Peace. 

15) London North. One truism, however, is that all these buildings are designed to inspire awe and wonder, and to communicate power. 

16) Kentish Marsden — NW5. The neighborhood’s energy emanates from the beautiful Talacre park to the art galleries in Camden lock and local weekend markets, with pop-up restaurants. 

17) South London Brixton embraces an unpolished reputation. Evolving from a site of struggle during the 1990’s, it has steadily increased its appeal without losing its cosmopolitan makeup. 

18) Washington DC. Ain’t that America? The Funk Parade is a one of a kind street fair, parade and music festival in the U Street. The free event was designed to bring people together through music, dance and the visual arts. There are venues: artists and vendors, food, workshops and some acts of soul. 

19) Urban ghettos are not naturally an occurring demographic phenomena; they are created through urban planning.Substandard housing, substandard education in the home of the free? 

20) Kamau Brathwaite. Knowledge and Motivation and Unity — means K.A.M.A.U. – African storytelling traditions are deeply ingrained in Caribbean culture. Calypso evokes a certain nostalgia of days when life was simpler with topical issues. Calypso went from plantation to politics. 

21) Rihanna. Dazzling language, inventive and unquenchable vision — Black and Blue. 22) Find light in the beautiful sea. Magic and Fantasy. Tropical horizons and a beachcomber street called Rockley. Hastings, Bridgetown. 

23)  WG Fluematt — Dagmersellen, Luzern. Eine starke Stimme des Mitgefühls.Es ist nicht von Bedeutung ob wir gläubig sind. Wichtig ist, dass wir ein gutes Herz haben.

24) Dipping in stunning turquoise water with also turtles swimming near by. 

25) We have consciously not taken the path of a gangster, brothers in arms.

26) Kensing Oval. "We don’t like cricket — We lov it, Oh yea!" 10 CC – Dreadlock Holidays. Vamos !

26) The Spirit — Our active power in life. It revolves and sustains the mind. It is a living deep. 

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